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Community Speakers

Members of Anheuser-Busch’s Community Speakers deliver messages of responsibility and respect for the law to students, parents, educators, community groups and military personnel around the country.

Family Talk About Drinking – A parent, educator and certified parent coach, MJ Corcoran brings Anheuser-Busch’s Family Talk About Drinking program to life through her candid presentation that addresses ways to help parents talk with their children about underage drinking. MJ also shares her thoughts on parenting stages and tailoring parenting styles based on children’s ages and cognitive development. She has been certified as a parent coach through the International Network for Children and Family, The Adler School for Professional Coaching and the Academy for Family Coach Training. Read more.

Street Smart – This interactive presentation by a two-person team of certified firefighters/paramedics reminds students of the dangers of teen drinking, drunk driving, illegal drug use, and not wearing seat belts. The presenters take participants into the real-life drama they experience as they work to save the lives of those who have made poor choices. The program has been shared with more than 920,000 students and military personnel since 2002. Read more.

Living Proof – Poor choices can have drastic consequences – and Sarah Panzau is Living Proof. Sarah, a former student-athlete, shares her experience as a victim of her own drunk-driving crash and talks to students about peer pressure, knowing your true friends, rising above disabilities, and making smart choices. Read more.

A Taste of Reality – Emergency-room nurse Linda Dutil provides middle- and high-school students with a hands-on look at treatments for alcohol poisoning and drug overdose, while teaching effective skills for resisting peer pressure and for making smart, responsible choices. Read more.

The Hope Dealer – Growing up in a family defined by addiction and dysfunction, Jeremy Bates knows firsthand the importance of developing resiliency, cultivating dreams, and never losing hope. Through his one-of-a-kind presentation, Jeremy is able to lace authenticity and vulnerability in his stories, while providing audiences the “tools” that gave him hope. His compelling life story is shared through live, interactive music, and takes audiences on a journey while challenging them to make healthy choices – including not drinking underage or driving drunk – that reflect the greatness they deserve. Read more.

I Got Lucky! – Scott takes his audiences through the events of the night when he made the worst decision of his life. Then 21-years-old, Scott fell three stories while trying to scale a tree to retrieve his keys in a locked dorm after a night of drinking. Through his story, Scott impresses upon students that it only takes a single poor decision to change one’s life forever – and he’s an example of that. He also reminds audiences of the importance of resisting negative peer pressure and that it’s often good kids with a bright future whose lives are changed because of one bad choice involving too much alcohol and too little common sense. Read more.

A Survivor’s Story – As a victim of a serious car crash, Adam Blomberg M.D., tells a compelling story of his long road to recovery in A Survivor’s Story. As a survivor, he has dedicated his life to creating public awareness about the importance of responsible driving. Read more.

Courage to Care – Carolyn Cornelison holds a Ph.D. from Florida State University where she worked as director of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Information Center for four years while advising both BACCHUS & GAMMA. She also spent eight years as a national staff member for the BACCHUS & GAMMA Peer Education Network. Carolyn’s program is a realistic discussion with students that focuses on college drinking,taking responsibility, recognizing abuse and helping those with alcohol problems. Read more.