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Economic Development


Strengthening a community requires hard work and Anheuser-Busch values organizations willing to put equity into building structures and programs that enhance others’ enjoyment and quality of life.

Examples of recent efforts in this area include:

Urban League: Anheuser-Busch supports the work of the National Urban League as well as local Urban Leagues across the country. Through decades of grant and sponsorship support to the Urban League, Anheuser-Busch dedicated to economic empowerment that elevates the standard of living in historically underserved urban communities. 

Habitat For Humanity: More than 100 Anheuser-Busch employees and their families spent Saturdays throughout the summer building a home with a deserving St. Louis family. The Anheuser-Busch Foundation donated $50,000 to help fund the project. Additionally, more than 250 Anheuser-Busch employees and wholesalers partnered with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity to help clean up neighborhoods and build homes during our annual sales convention. A donation of $50,000 also helped support the effort.<